Official PONG Tournaments Rules

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The organiser shall carry out the rules with the 2 primary goals: a.) Fairness to all players, and b.) Minimization of possible dispute between participants.

In the event if there is any technical issue arise during the match, the organiser reserve the right to assign a marshal or angel to manually aligned and monitor the game accordingly.

Game Rules:
– Under no circumstances may a player shoot with any part of his or her body at the side of the table. Unless otherwise approved by the official organiser.
– A player must start his/her shot with both feet on the ground.
– Cups reformation shall be according to the PONGConnect Table Screen.
– Cups that’s knocked off but didn’t scanned are not counted.
– Cups that’s scanned from the outside of the cups; are not counted; the round will be reversed.
– The ball in play may be grabbed or swatted after it has already made contact with a cup.
– Balls may not be interfered with while inside of a cup, i.e., no blowing/fingering
– You may not grab or swat before the ball has hit a cup except in the case of bounce shots, as permitted by the rules herein.
– Final blood will be played according to the following manner;3 cups per team, 1 shot per player.
– In the event that a player is temporarily absent, no substitution may be made.
– All players are to conduct themselves in a manner respectful to other players, angels, and the sports of beer pong.
– Unacceptable conduct will result in severe punitive action, to be applied at the discretion of the organiser.
– Final interpretation of these rules is made at the sole discretion of the tournament organizer and may be amended as necessary to promote the goal of efficiently running the tournament
– For best of 3, 5, 7 or 9 matches, the players and team are required to switch side after every match.

Double Elimination:
– Each teams will ceases to be eligible to win the tournament upon having lost two games.
– Competitors will be breaking into 2 sets of brackets; Winner bracket and Loser Bracket.
– The winner of the Match shall be based according to the Final Result as per score.

:: Distractions are permitted with the following restrictions ::
– Players may not cross the plane of play (the imaginary plane which runs vertically and separates you from your cups) with any part of their bodies, clothing, or other objects, while the other team is shooting. To avoid violating this rule, just stand back a few steps from your cups.
– Players may not approach the opposing team members in an unsportsmanlike manner. This includes running alongside the table to talk trash in an opposing players face. In general, players should never be on the side of the table (picking up a ball is an exception). Players may not pass the quarter way point of the table after/in-between shots.
– Players and spectators may not visually block cups from opposing players.
– Spectators are permitted to aid in distractions, but may not be inside the playing area at any time. In addition, in the event that players are positioned close to the outer edges of a playing area, spectators are prohibited from unreasonably interfering with a player’s ability to shoot. Specifically, no spectator is allowed to scream directly into the ears of players at close range, or attempt to block a player’s view of the cups.
– Distractions should not violate any venue/location, local, state, or federal rules or laws.