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PONGConnect Table

PPMY is the leading, and the exclusive distributor for the first ever electronic pong table in Malaysia and Singapore. PPMY aimed to bring in the most amazing pong experience to the local restaurants, wedding dinner, company events, and bars, by hosting and organizing nationwide events and tournaments, until PONG in Malaysia will eventually become one of the e-sports with the highest prize pool in the whole South East Asia.

PPMY are actively working closely with the new, and existing  partners to grow and improve the PONGConnect customer based in Malaysia, in order to provide the best pong experience in Malaysia.

As of today PPMY have distributed more than 120 tables nationwide;  and aimed to distribute up to 300 PONGConnect Machines by end of 2019.

One of the PPMY main objective is to ensure the availability of the PONGConnect Machines are within the desired level of coverage at every major city and state.

“As of November, 2018. There has been an 30% monthly increase on average of distribution of PONGConnect in Malaysia within the past 9 months. we target to distribute at least 120 Machines by the end of 2018, and 180 by end of 2019.”


Hailing from Hong Kong, PONGConnect is the pioneer in creating the world’s first digital pong game system. Updating the infamous traditional game with various features and animations to satisfy the cravings of the Gen-Y market and keep them coming back. Currently in high demand in more than 30 locations around Hong Kong, PONGConnect will be expanding around the globe having already set foot in Malaysia, Macau, Japan, Taiwan, Asutralia, Japan, Singapore, China, Thailand, United Kingdom, Philippines, Vietnam, Canada and United States.

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The VAR BOX, a shooting game developed by VAR LIVE, is the state-of-the-art technology advance standalone VR (Virtual Reality) console. It brings out the players’ greatest fun through superior somatosensory feedback, and ultimate audio-visual feast with immersive interaction which designed to bring the infinite possibilities of virtual reality to the players. Powered by Oculus VR Technology, VAR BOX become equipped with realistic weighted VR Guns, all of which unison to deliver an unparalleled realism. It also supported by NVIDIA, the world leading graphic processing technology company. VAR BOX also allowing players to fully experience new type of VR gaming at an affordable price.

The VR game, called “Double Tap” – Based on the reputable IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) shooting experience in Virtual Reality. Taking a professional angle, we came together with marksmen to develop and release Double Tap base on IPSC. It focuses on skills training and competitive approach to VR. This title even has its own VAR mobile VAR LIVE application.

“VAR BOX” are currently planned to be placed in movie theater, shopping centre, eSports centre, bar and any possible locations which is suitable.

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