Our Founders

Moving forward beyond reality

Kelvin Yau


Kelvin Yau is the founding member and the Chief Executive Officer of Playpong Malaysia. He holds a Bachelor Degree in E-commerce from the University of Curtin, Australia. Since an early age, he has acquired solid experience which is practical to give strategic direction to any kind of organisation and industry and has substantial knowledge and expertise in strategic management. In 2008 until 2013, he helmed as a CEO for an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) corporation in Malaysia, leading at least 5 other diversified subsidiaries. From 2013 – 2016, he was a CEO for Phoenix Darts Pte Ltd at the United Kingdom; which responsible on development, and expansion of the Darts Entertainment business in the United Kingdom.Since 2016, following by the growing economy and endless possibilities and opportunities in IT Technology, Food and Beverage, and Investment industries in Malaysia. Today, Kelvin Yau has led PlayPong Malaysia into a diversified company with multiple subsidiaries since its inception. Playpong Malaysia is also currently one of the biggest distributors for PONGConnect Table; The first electronic pong table in the world with the RFID technology. Under Kelvin Yau’s development and guidance, Playpong Malaysia portfolio has grown to a total of 5 bar outlets in Malaysia, 1 bar outlets in the Philippines; 1 restaurant bar in Malaysia, 1 largest virtual reality theme park in Malaysia, and a few more exciting project coming soon.In Playpong Malaysia, Kelvin Yau provides strategic direction and services to the group; Overseeing the strategic plans, policies, corporate mission, and implementation of the corporate strategy. As the CEO and Executive Director of the company, Kelvin Yau is regularly approached by media for industry comment, direction and quotes.

YL Lee


YL Lee is a founding member and Executive Director of Playpong Malaysia. Having grown up in Malaysia, YL Lee studied extensively in the USA and graduated with a Bachelor in Computer Science from Southern Illinois University, and with a Masters in Information Management and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Webster University. While based in the US for 14 years, YL Lee successfully led the US and global initiatives in Information Technology, Telecom, and Software Development Industries. Holding a broad range of marketing, operations, and business development roles, he successfully led operations, supported cost-effective revenue growth, and led operations and cost management initiatives.These experiences include building a new overseas organization for a fortune 50 company and establishing around-the-globe operations functions. YL Lee returned with his family to Malaysia in 2011 and now has responsibility for a range of Malaysia based businesses spanning a number of important traditional industries, including public transportation, and construction. YL is a keen observer of global trends with valuable insights on how technology can transform industries and entertainment. This interest sparked him to begin new ventures that pioneer adoption of interactive entertainment, recreation, and e-sports. An early introducer of interactive and interconnected darts games, he has helped hospitality venues grow repeat business while drawing new players into individual, league, and tournament games across Malaysia. YL Lee has also extended his entertainment and e-sports interests beyond Malaysia. With members of his dart distribution organization, he is bringing PongConnect, an advanced and interactive version of the entertainment-venue based game, to Malaysia and Singapore.With his experience in diversified background and industries, YL Lee brings a passion for innovation, effective governance, and people development to all of his ventures. In addition to overseeing development of the VAR Live Malaysia brand, his responsibilities encompass all the group new business development, technologies, and administrative activities for all the Playpong brands.